Collection: Algae Control

Make a messy pond perfect in no time! Naturally-occuring algae is required for a healthy fishery, but keep your pond clean of algae bloom! Cutrine-Plus™ and Phycomycin™ algaecide water treatment solutions help to:

  • Abolish Green Water
  • Reduce Slime
  • Eliminate Muck Build-Up
  • Remove Noxious Odors

Algae in ponds occurs naturally. A healthy pond always has some algae. Excess algae spoils pond fun; it is an indication of too many nutrients in the water. Problems worsen over time as decomposing algae adds to the nutrient load, which usually leads to noxious odors, pea soup-colored water and muck build-up.

A natural alternative to chemicals is removing surface algae with a Lake Rake. This can begin to stop the cycle of decomposing algae adding to the nutrient load. Control of excess algae needs to be strong and effective, yet also safe and ecological to protect fish and plant life within your pond or lake.

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