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Take care of your aeration system to keep your water healthy for a very long time. Organic Pond carries a full line of parts and accessories for your Vertex pond high-quality aeration systems.

We are expert partners in water quality management, offering the highest standard of environmentally sound management practices. Our in-depth product knowledge as a Vertex dealer gives us the experience you value. Turn to Organic Pond, recognized leaders in lake and pond management who provide e-commerce product sales in your area.

Perform easy maintenance necessary to keep your ponds, lakes, reservoirs, canals and marinas systems running efficiently, from rebuild kits to filters to full replacement compressors for PondLyfe, BriteStar and more.

Do this 2-4 times per year, unless your environment is very dusty. For very dusty areas we recommend changing them every 3-4 weeks or as needed. Removing the compressor air intake filter and wash with soap and water or replace it. Never re-install a wet or damp filter.

Under normal year-round, continuous use, the compressor piston cups typically last 12-36 months depending upon the environmental conditions. As the piston cups wear out, you will notice a drop in air flow (despite air filter replacement) resulting in smaller surface boils.

Cooling fans may need replacing every 2-3 years during compressor maintenance. Even if they are working, maintaining a new cooling fan will keep your compressor cool and keep it from failing prematurely if the fan quits prematurely. You can rebuild compressors to increase the time between buying a full system replacement as well.

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