Pond Dye

PureBLACK pond dye limits the amount of sunlight in a pond! It is an integral tool in keeping a pond healthy.

At Organic Pond.com, we designed a proprietary blend of organic black dyes crafted to transform your pond overnight. Poured around the edge of your pond, PureBLACK pond dye tints your pond a reflective natural-deep pond black color.

One gallon of PureBLACK Pond Colorant treats 1,625,000 Gallons of Water, equivalent to 1 Acre with a 5′ average depth or 5 Acre Feet. Or try one of our other sizes formulated for a Water Garden to a 5 Acre Lake.

Unsure of the size of your pond? Wondering about the right dosage? No problem! Simply call our toll-free number at the top of the page and we’ll be happy to help!

We can help calculate your pond water volume quickly and free of charge.