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We all want a beautiful-looking pond that is healthy and clear. It’s ideal to have a clean pond that you feel comfortable enough to take a dip in, even if it’s just your toes. A major factor that stops your pond from being clear and clean is algae. Note that algae occurs naturally in all ponds and lakes. It’s something everyone will have to deal with. A healthy pond will always have some algae within it. Excess algae, though, spoils pond fun. 

Having excess algae or an algae bloom is an indication that there are too many nutrients in the water. Problems worsen over time as decomposing algae adds to the nutrient load, which usually leads to noxious odors, pea soup-colored water, and muck build-up. The best time to start treating your pond is before you even begin experiencing the overgrowth of weeds or algae issues. Once you have an algae bloom or weeds rampantly growing, it’s a long, complicated process to get rid of them. There are many great ways to proactively treat your pond so that you don’t experience issues this year. 

Pond Complaint: We hear people saying they have had algae issues in the past. They’ll point out that their algae issues don’t happen until the summer. Even if your pond looks fine now, it’s always good to feed it a healthy diet.

Prescription: A healthy pond diet includes algae-suppressing beneficial bacteria once the water temperature exceeds 50 degrees. Organic Pond’s pureBACTERIA is a perfect prescription for your pond that treats the muck and balances the nutrient load. pureBACTERIA contains a unique blend of naturally occurring bacteria with four potent strains that effectively and efficiently digest suspended solids, including decaying organic matter in the water column, as well as the muck on the bottom of the pond. A significant advantage of this product is that it is safe for people, pets, plants, fish, and wildlife. Plus, it’s made in the USA and ships directly to your door. All you have to do is simply pour the product in several spots along the shoreline. Organic Pond proprietary blend of pureBACTERIA will then self-disperse and treat your entire water column. 

Pond Trouble: If you have noticed algae already starting to bloom, especially early in the spring, it’s time to give your pond the proper diet to fight off its infection of algae. 

Prescription: Another one of Organic Pond’s extraordinary beneficial bacteria prescriptions that helps attack forming algae is our pureSHOCK. This concentrated restorative bacteria water treatment is a great way to turn around your pond’s health if it’s experiencing water quality issues, dead algae, nutrient imbalance, or sediment problems due to high organic charge. Organic Pond’s pureSHOCK contains a powerful blend of select bacterial strains that are already living within your pond naturally. Feeding your pond with more of these self-dispersing micro-organisms produces fast-acting enzymes. They can help quicken the degradation of organic materials, along with proteins and sludge build-up. pureSHOCK also helps remove odors that are associated with organic loading.

You should continue adding beneficial bacteria - either a muck reducer such as pureBACTERIA or pureSHOCK, approximately every month until water temps fall below 50 degrees. Going this route throughout the year will help make sure your pond stays healthy and clean for you. 

Pond Complaint: In the summertime months my pond’s water becomes very warm, which leads to my fish and other aquatic life dying.

Prescription: If you don't mind color, a marvelous prescription to lower water temperature is the use of pond dyes. Pond dye helps shade your pond, reducing the ability of underwater nuisance plants to photosynthesize, thereby reducing organic overgrowth. Pond dye is an integral tool in keeping a pond healthy and safe for people, horses, livestock, birds, pets, fish, wildlife, and the environment. The upper two feet of the water column will still remain productive and provide food for your fish.

Pond Trouble: I’m experiencing a full algae bloom and want to get rid of the growing algae.

Prescription: When your pond is already experiencing issues, an excellent option to help kill algae that has grown and bloomed are Algaecides. Algaecide water treatment solutions help to: 

  • Abolish Green Water 
  • Reduce Slime 
  • Eliminate Muck Build-Up
  • Remove Noxious Odors 

Look for natural solutions like the amazing Organic Algae Elimination Kit from Organic Pond. It contains a powerful beneficial bacteria bio-treatment in addition to an organic oxidizer that quickly kills algae and leaves no residue in the water. This product is an OMRI approved algaecide for all organic farming! Waters treated with these organic products can be used during and after application for swimming, fishing, drinking, and irrigation.

Don’t let excess algae spoil pond fun. Keep your pond beautiful, healthy, and clear with straightforward, practical, and earth-friendly solutions from Organic Pond. They can be contacted anytime with your questions or problems. The professional advice is free and you can even share a picture of your pond problem for specific recommendations. Feed your pond a healthy, organic diet so you’ll enjoy the beauty of it this summer and throughout the years!

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