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Pond maintenance is very crucial to keeping your water clean and healthy. Just like your home, garage, or appliances, your pond needs occasional cleaning. Many people put off their pond cleaning thinking that it may naturally clean itself or they’re worried about the price tag of cleaning it. There are two key factors that will determine the overall cost of your cleanup: first is the size of your pond, second is the amount of time since your last cleaning. Waiting too long between cleaning and/or maintenance can cause your pond to have more issues to deal with.

Letting your pond grow an abundance of weeds or get covered in algae can lead to a number of costly issues. Algae blooms can cover much of your water’s surface leading to a lack of light. This can cause your underwater plants to die and disrupt your pond’s ecosystem. This will also result in a large decrease in oxygen available for aquatic life, which can kill your fish. Worst of all, if your pond is not properly maintained, some blooms can have toxins within them. These can be harmful to humans and deadly to pets and livestock.

Simple No Cost Maintenance

The better a pond is maintained, the less cost and work it will take to do a full cleaning. Some natural and easy things you can do to maintain your pond are: 

  • Regularly skimming or netting your pond to rid it of built-up debris. 
  • Make sure that the rocks surrounding your pond and those within the pond itself are clean.
  • Regularly clear and make sure filters are in good working order.  
  • Regularly check and clean your aerator.

The more you do these, the more money you’ll end up saving in the long run. If your pond becomes overrun with things such as algae and duckweed, then you’ll have to bring in the “big guns” to properly clean your pond.

Natural Cleaning Solutions 

If you have been performing the simple no-cost maintenance tips already mentioned, but your pond is showing little improvement, the next low-cost option is using pond dye. 

Organic Pond™ proprietary blend of sun-limiting pond colorants is an integral tool in keeping a pond healthy and safe for people, pets, fish, wildlife, and the environment. These dyes are up to 20% more powerful than other products on the market at blocking the wavelengths of light that are necessary for photosynthesis, and will reduce organic growth overall. One gallon will dye a one-acre pond 4ft. deep depending on flow through, etc. for 4-6 weeks. It’s a great way to help cool a pond that gets overheated in the hot summer months.

Complete Pond Treatment

For a complete pond clean, use Organic Pond’s popular and earth-friendly all-in-one treatment Clean-Clear-Blue. This product is safe for humans, fish and wildlife and does not carry water usage restrictions. Besides naturally digesting your muck layer, this combination of concentrated beneficial bacteria and pureBLUE Pond Dye cleans and shades your pond, reducing organic growth and summer heat - and reduces Algae formation! Many of our customers use only this product and experience great control over nuisance algae.

Prudent regular use of naturally occurring, non-pathogenic beneficial bacteria is a fast-acting extra dose of bacteria that already exist in your pond.  The four powerful strains of bacteria included in Clean-Clear-Blue are very efficient at consuming any excess nutrients that are in your water column. These micro-organisms work best not as a one-time boost, but when used regularly, often monthly. When used in conjunction with dye, beneficial bacteria effects are more sustainable.

Pond cleaning can take place at any time of year. No matter when you choose to do your pond maintenance, the important thing is not to wait too long. You don’t need to use harsh and expensive chemicals that will kill your beautiful fish or make it so you can’t personally enjoy a cool dip in your lake or pond. With Organic Pond’s amazing products, you can easily and safely maintain your pond to keep it looking naturally beautiful.

We treat ponds ourselves and know the issues and difficulties that pond owners face. We have the products and techniques to solve such problems without the concern of harming any wildlife. Organic Pond Owner, Jim Selke is dedicated to helping Homeowners, Property Managers, Businesses, Commercial Contractors, Municipalities & Military Bases with their pond care needs. Call 888-986-9995 anytime and join our newsletter for tips and discounts!

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