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For some pond enthusiasts, cattails and lily pads are unwanted vegetation. They quickly diminish the aesthetic appeal and balance of the aquatic ecosystem. For others, their priority is to preserve and not harm their water lilies. Wherever you are on the spectrum, that's where Organic Pond comes to the rescue with effective and environmentally friendly solutions to help you regain control and restore your pond or lake to the kind of natural beauty you’ll enjoy.

Cattails and Lily Pads are common water plants found in ponds and lakes. While they can add a touch of natural beauty, an overgrowth problem of these plants can …

  • Impede water flow
  • Reduce oxygen levels
  • Disturb the natural habitat
  • Hinder swimming, boating & other recreational activities

Take Proactive Measures for Long-Term Control

  1. Keep Ahead Of It: Regularly inspect your pond or lake for any signs of plant overgrowth. Early detection can prevent the situation from escalating. Keep an eye on the growth of cattails and lily pads, especially during warmer months.
  2. Manual Removal: Small-scale infestations can be managed by manually removing cattails and lily pads. Be sure to wear protective gloves and use a sharp cutting tool to sever the plants from their roots. Dispose of the plants away from the water source to prevent re-seeding.
  3. Physical Barriers: Installing pond netting, floating rings or similar physical barriers can help prevent the spread of cattails and lily pads. These barriers restrict their growth by blocking sunlight and impeding their root systems.
  4. Aeration and Water Circulation: Improve your water quality by introducing Vertex Aeration Systems, which will create an unfavorable environment for invasive plants. Effective diffused air systems help promote beneficial bacteria growth and discourage cattails and lily pads from taking hold. As an internet based dealer, our prices can't be beat! And because it’s so crucial to scale any successful aeration system to your exact pond specifications, Organic Pond offers No Obligation Engineered System Design and Layout Map. Contact Jim at (248) 290-8118 for more information.

Seek Specialized Solutions

When it comes to managing cattails and lily pads, organicpond.com provides a range of eco-friendly products and services designed to combat plant overgrowth effectively.


As a pond owner myself, I know the struggle of unwanted cattails and lily pads. During the Michigan winter I can burn them, which is the best way to ensure complete elimination. But for areas that don’t freeze, we recommend combining a good surfactant like non-ionic Cygnet Plus with Emerge. It’s easy to use - just mix them with water in any tank sprayer and wet your target area. Both are available on our site and will kill the roots in 2-3 weeks time. Spray them early in spring (12” height or less is optimal) for the best kill, ensuring they don't overpower your pond or lake.

Use Our Natural Biological Solutions

This product and lily pads get along fine. Organic Pond's powerful Clean Clear Blue proprietary blend introduces naturally occurring non-pathogenic beneficial bacteria and enzymes into your water, effectively breaking down excess nutrients that promote the growth of cattails and lily pads. As an added bonus, this product can also suppress algae and weed growth! It is totally natural - completely safe for all fish, plants, humans, and wildlife. When your focus is on restoring the natural balance of your pond ecosystem, Clean Clear Blue All In One Pond Treatment is an excellent EPA / DEP approved choice.

Expert Consultation

We understand that each pond or lake is unique. That's why we make ourselves available for personalized advice and guidance tailored to your specific needs. We'll help you develop a customized plant control plan that works for you.

Fortunately, you can regain control over your aquatic paradise. Order your affordable, effective plant control methods from organicpond.com and get it shipped quickly everywhere in the continental United States. We’re here to help you create a balanced, thriving, and cattail-free environment for you to enjoy.


We treat ponds ourselves and know the issues and difficulties that pond owners face. We have the products and techniques to solve such problems without the concern of harming any wildlife. Organic Pond Owner, Jim Selke is dedicated to helping Homeowners, Property Managers, Businesses, Commercial Contractors, Municipalities & Military Bases with their pond care needs. Call 888-986-9995 anytime and join our newsletter for tips and discounts!

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