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Are you tired of looking at a murky pond? Or sick of feeling that slimy bottom muck? Don’t miss out on year-round enjoyment due to an unhealthy pond environment. One of the most effective ways to restore balance is by increasing your levels of natural beneficial bacteria microorganisms that play a critical role in the health of your pond.

How can bacteria be beneficial, you ask? A high concentration can help clean ponds with water quality problems that can be harmful to your pond’s fish and plants! These micro-organisms are essential to reduce algae growth in your water garden or backyard pond. Beneficial Bacteria naturally balance the overall nutrient load and consume the nutrient-rich muck at the pond bottom - which is the top fuel for algae growth in hot weather. The result is clearer, cleaner and odor-free water with the muck draw down.

Unlike our competitors' products, Organic Pond™ offers an entire line-up of proprietary formulas. We have spent years researching and developing to ensure customers have access to the most effective products on the market. Get the best results possible and fast shipping directly to your door from this trusted brand. Below is an actual customer’s trout farm in New Mexico. They used a combination of Organic Pond™ pureSHOCK™ all-in-one Water Clarifier, Muck Reducer & Algae Prevention  and the top-selling Organic Pond™ Clean-Clear-Blue™ Complete Pond Treatment that combines the concentrated pureBLUE™ Dye with our pureBACTERIA™ Muck Reducer. What a difference in just 36 short hours!       


After 36 Hours

About pureSHOCK

This comprehensive water treatment product attacks with natural bacteria both at the bottom muck layer and in the water column 

    1. Safe for All  Beneficial Bacteria is safe for people, pets, plants, fish, and wildlife! For best results, apply early in the season when water temperatures reach 50 degrees-continue treatments monthly throughout the season.
    2. Muck Reducer  Over time unpleasant odors and poor water quality consume your pond or small lake because on the bottom a layer of nutrient-rich organic compost material is building up. Add Beneficial Bacteria products monthly to consume/reduce the nutrient rich (think fertilizer layer for algae) muck layer.
    3. Water Column Cleaner Bacteria and other microorganisms can accumulate in the area between the bottom and the surface of your pond. A high organic charge can cause water quality, active or dead algae, nutrient imbalance or sediment problems. pureSHOCK’s self dispersing microorganisms produce fast-acting enzymes that degrade organic materials, along with proteins and sludge build-up - while also removing odors associated with organic loading.
    4. Great for Algae Control  Beneficial Bacteria is very effective at suppressing or at least reducing the severity of Algae Blooms during the warmest months. pureSHOCK™ contains a powerful blend of select naturally occurring bacterial strains that are already in your pond. 
    5. Affordable  Best of all, this powerful biological treatment is a cost-effective solution for pond and small lake maintenance. One pound treats one surface acre of water up to 5 feet deep. This formulation contains the highest concentration of beneficial bacterial strains - as much as 5X more than other products.
    6. Commercial Use  Not just for land owners! Commercial and business properties can also benefit from beneficial bacteria products. Golf Courses with ponds, Parks with a small lake, Subdivisions and more can improve the health and appearance of beautiful public water features. A healthy pond can enhance the overall appearance of a public space, leading to increased visitor satisfaction and potentially even increased revenue for businesses that rely on a beautiful outdoor setting, like our client Sandy Dunes Adventure Golf in Port Austin, MI.

Why settle for a murky, unpleasant pond or small lake? Adding beneficial bacteria is an effective way to maintain the health of your pond. Just Pour and Go! Regular use of these muck reducers and water column conditioners will keep you fully enjoying your pond all season long. Don't settle for off-brands, You can trust the Organic Pond™ line delivers on its promises and more. Try it out for yourself and experience the benefits of a healthier and more enjoyable pond environment.

We treat ponds ourselves and know the issues and difficulties that pond owners face. We have the products and techniques to solve such problems without the concern of harming any wildlife. Organic Pond Owner, Jim Selke is dedicated to helping Homeowners, Property Managers, Businesses, Commercial Contractors, Municipalities & Military Bases with their pond care needs. Call 888-986-9995 anytime and join our newsletter for tips and discounts!

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