Choosing The Right Aeration System

Pond aeration is becoming a very popular method of maintaining the health of a large pond and with good reason. A properly sized aeration system will eliminate stagnation, increase circulation, energize biological processes and create a clean, clear health pond ecosystem.

The pond in the picture is an example of a stagnant, nutrient loaded, unhealthy pond. There are a number of factors to be considered when choosing the right aeration system. Size, shape, slope, depth, elevation, power availability and biological oxygen demand of the pond should be known prior to selecting an aeration system.

An electric aeration system consists of a compressor, tubing and diffusers. The first step is to measure your pond. The easiest way is to give Organic Pond a call at 888-986-9995 or visit our Live Chat and we can measure your pond from a satellite image. We use Google Earth and can easily determine the surface area. In general, you will need 1 diffuser per acre or partial acre.

Second, determine the shape and slope. If you have and inlets, bays or fishing holes, you may need additional diffusers. Deep ponds with a consistent slope require fewer diffusers and shallow ponds require more diffusers per acre. Deep ponds and ponds at high elevations will need a more powerful compressor than a shallow pond at sea level. Biological oxygen demand is also critical.

To put it simply BOD is a measure of the quality of the water and it’s level of pollution. For example, a heavily stocked pond with a large fish population will have a higher BOD. At Organic Pond we chose to represent Vertex Water Features Bottom Aeration Systems. It was an easy decision because Vertex offers a truly state of the art product.

Self cleaning membrane diffusers require very little maintenance. Energy efficient compressors in every size to fit every application. A powder coated aluminum enclosure that is rust free and attractive. The Bottom Line Tubing is self weighted has a thick wall and drops to the bottom without extra weights.

All with the best warranties in the industry, ranging from two years to 15 years depending on the component. An aerator is a big investment, give us a call (888-986-9995) and we can help you get the right product for your pond.

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