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You’d be surprised how important it is to have fish in your pond. They can help keep the ecosystem of your pond in balance – in the process making it cleaner, healthier, and looking more beautiful with their aesthetic. 

Some fish are very delicate, they have to have a certain temperature to thrive in your body of water, or certain other elements such as plants to be able to properly survive. We found some of the best fish to add to your pond. These are some of the easiest ones to keep alive, they are gorgeous to look at, and even can add benefits to the well-being of your pond! 


This might be an obvious one due to the sheer volume of people having koi ponds. Koi are a colorful type of carp and are one of the most popular species of fish to have in your pond. 

These beauties are an eye-popping addition to any pond. Koi are known to live a for a very long time if properly taken care of. It’s not unreasonable to expect them to live 20-25 years. 

They are omnivorous and can eat most things that people eat. You can also teach these fish to eat right from your hand. Koi fish love cereals, watermelon, shrimp, and lettuce. If you have plants in your pond they will munch on those as needed. 

If you’re having trouble keeping your koi fish alive,  your pond may be lacking in oxygen. A great fix to this is adding in an aerator.  Organic Pond offers a great line of Vertex Aerators that can help keep your pond clean and oxidized for your fish friends. 


We all know what the classic goldfish looks like, most of us have had them as a pet at one point in our lives. These are an inexpensive option to add to your pond.

They are usually smaller than most fish you find in ponds. Similar to the koi fish, they are also omnivorous and will nibble on any plant life in your pond. 

Goldfish do better in cooler waters so you’ll have to make sure your pond doesn’t get too warm in the summer months. If you properly take care of them, goldfish can live up to 30 years. If you have too much plant life or algae sometimes fish won’t be able to fully help you and you’ll need extra assistance getting rid of those overgrowing plants. You can use Organic Pond’s pureBACTERIA to help reduce nutrient-rich muck and algae in your waters without harming your fish!


The Tench fish are also known as the ‘Doctor Fish’. This type of fish can help prevent illnesses in other fish living in your pond. This is done through an antibiotic that these fish carry on their scales. 

They can tolerate water with low oxygen concentrations. This is an ideal fish for ponds because they can also deal with warmer water. Warmer water holds less dissolved oxygen and is often a cause of a fish kill. 

Tench fish are suitable to survive the summer months. The Golden Tench is the most popular for ponds and come in a variety of colors, pale gold, dark red, and some fish bear black or red spots.

Mosquito Fish

Do you have a mosquito problem with your pond? Maybe you should consider adding mosquito fish? 

The name come from this fish’s diet. Mosquito Fish feed on mosquito larvae that are found on the surface of the water. These are some of the easiest fish to keep alive due to the fact they can handle extreme temperature variations. They can live in freezing water and even very warm waters. They are also very small fish, even known to be smaller than goldfish, so you can have many of these in your pond without having to worry about overcrowding. 

Pumpkinseed Fish 

Another great fish that will help get rid of insects is the pumpkinseed fish. They are part of the sunfish family and have beautiful colors and spots on them, which makes them pleasant to watch swim around in your pond. They do more than just eat mosquito larvae, they feed on insects and other parasites. Which makes this fish a very wise choice if you live in a high insect area. And like the Tench, these fish can help to maintain the good health of your other fish and keep your pond pest-free.

There are many great choices of beautiful fish to add to your pond. It all depends on what you’re looking for in the fish you add and how much space you have. Make sure to not overcrowd your pond with too many fish.  This will overburden the available resources and can often lead to the demise of your fish. 

When in doubt start off with fewer fish than you think your pond can support.  Normally, they will reproduce and will populate to the capacity of the pond. If you’re struggling to keep your pond clean for your fish you can check out Organic Pond’s products filled with many animal-safe products.

We treat ponds ourselves and know the issues and difficulties that pond owners face. We have the products and techniques to solve such problems without the concern of harming any wildlife. Organic Pond Owner, Jim Selke is dedicated to helping Homeowners, Property Managers, Businesses, Commercial Contractors, Municipalities & Military Bases with their pond care needs. Call 888-986-9995 anytime and join our newsletter for tips and discounts!

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